Q. What is TVS Hosted PBX Solution?

A. TVS Hosted PBX is a PBX (software-based private branch exchange) that provides call distribution, routing, transfers, voicemail, and related services for a company. It is managed and hosted off-site, and The VoIP Shop maintains all the software and servers required for your business.

Q. Does the TVS Hosted PBX Plan include handsets?

A. You can have handsets included with your TVS Hosted PBX Plan, or you can choose to rent or purchase the handsets outright. The VoIP Shop has a large selection of handsets to suit all possible requirements. Our team is available to assist you with a selection of appropriate handsets from several leading manufacturers.

Q. What's the difference between a Traditional PBX and a Hosted PBX?

A. A Traditional PBX located on-site and is usually owned, maintained, managed and operated by your business using your internal technical staff. A Hosted PBX is located off-site not on your premises. It is a hosted service delivered by a service provider. This service allows businesses to outsource the management and also the maintenance of their telecommunications and reduces the need for internal experts.

Q. Is a TVS Hosted PBX more expensive than an on-site solution?

A. Generally, a business can achieve significant cost savings by implementing a Hosted PBX vs. an on-site solution. A service provider offers lower start-up costs, affordable add-on features, reliability guarantees, and the capacity to upgrade your services on a per-line basis without paying for equipment upgrades.

Q. Can I use TVS Hosted PBX if my Internet goes down?

A. TVS Hosted PBX offers many advantages to ensure the reliability of your system. Besides implementing a mobile failover which is important to have in place, upgrading your internet to a fibre connection can also reduce your risks. Another consideration is to have a data connection from multiple carriers, reducing the chance of an outage.

Q. Is TVS Hosted PBX secure?

A. TVS Hosted PBX can offer significant security advantages when correctly implemented. Although no solution will provide 100% protection from being hacked; all kinds of phone systems, including telephones and PBX -are vulnerable to security flaws depending on the implementation.

Q. Is TVS Hosted PBX cheaper at the expense of quality?

A. Cost does not always equal quality, but a very low-cost provider could be delivering lower-quality service. You need to consider the quality of a solution and that it includes your internet connection, setup processes, quality optimisation, contention ratios, uptime guarantees and service provider industry experience.

Q. How long does it take to setup?

A. You can begin using your new phone system within minutes of account activation. Just plug in your IP Phone/handsets and you're ready to go - or if you already have VoIP handsets, these can be configured in just minutes.

Q. Is the system easy to use?

A. The My Account Portal provides you with the necessary tools to rapidly configure your phone system to your exact requirements. Even the most complex operations can be achieved quickly and easily, and our expert team is on hand to assist if need be. Or you can always email us with any support that you will be needing and we will be happy to assist any questions or concerns.

Q. How long does it take to speak to a real person if I need help?

A. Your call is important to us - we answer quickly with an emphasis on good customer service from a knowledgeable technician to resolve your enquiry in just one call. Try us during business hours - 1800 90 90 98.