Our advanced Hosted PBX Solution works with the National Broadband Network (NBN)!

The NBN is digital, while a traditional phone uses analogue data. Most analogue devices are not compatible with the NBN. This is an important thing to know when considering all your options.


NBN Ready Phone Systems

You have most likely heard people talking about an NBN Ready Phone System; they’re most likely talking about a Hosted Phone System also known as a Virtual Phone System, VoIP or SIP Phones, or Cloud-Based System.

Most businesses who decide to purchase an NBN Ready Phone System are going for a Hosted Solution. There are several reasons for this: ease of installation, management, upgradeability and ongoing maintenance, unlike traditional phone systems.

A Hosted PBX Solution also means there is no onsite storage of your phone system data, programming, or features as they are all stored ‘in the cloud’, and there is no PABX box located in your office.


How will an NBN Ready Hosted PBX Solution benefit my business?

  • There is no onsite PABX requiring ongoing management, regular maintenance, cleaning, and having to call an expert every time you wish to update the phone systems features.
  • Low capital investment and ongoing savings as the cost of purchasing and installing a Hosted Solution are relatively similar to an onsite PABX. However, the ongoing costs are significantly lower.
  • Simple changes no longer something that takes a lot of effort and expertise. Your hosting company manages everything.
  • Connecting is simple as the only part of your phone system that will physically live in your office is your handsets. Connecting is as simple as plugging them in (once your hosting provider has programmed them with your features and settings).
  • No obsolescence because all data, upgrades and updates take place in the cloud. That means that a Hosted PBX System cannot become obsolete.
  • Adding a new employee, remote worker or even a new office to your phone system is about as easy as it can get. All you have to do is ask your host to program a compatible handset. It means that as your business grows, you won’t have to spend a fortune on your phone system to grow with it.
  • Switching to the NBN will be easy even if you don’t yet have the NBN. It would help if you still prepared for it because it will be a reality for your business sooner or later. You can start using your NBN handsets even before you get the NBN, as long as you have a reliable existing internet connection.
  • For most businesses, their phone number is an integral part of their brand and familiarity with clients. The great news is that keeping your existing phone number is easy with a Hosted PBX Solution.


What is NBN?

The National Broadband Network, or NBN for short, is a high-speed broadband network that’s being rolled out by the Australian Government-owned NBN (formerly NBN Co.)

The NBN is in charge of providing high-speed broadband connections to every home and office in Australia. It is also giving telephone and internet service providers’ access to the NBN to deliver services like telephony, entertainment, security and e-health to homes and businesses.

To make this happen, the NBN is using a range of broadband technologies, including:

  • Fibre to the premises or FTTP
  • Fibre to the building or FTTB
  • Fibre to the node or FTTN
  • HybridFibre Coax (HFC) or more commonly known as Pay TV cable
  • Fixed wireless
  • Satellite

For most people, only the first three options will be important. However, any NBN connection means thinking about where your internet equipment is installed in your office, so the faster broadband speeds work properly wherever you are in the building.

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